What is Your Love Strategy?

So I usually give away valuable advice for free. Online or offline in an airport toilet. Casual conversations and church training seminars.

It’s my unique form of CSR.

And I’ve done this for 10 years!

Ranging from my notes on Facebook since 2008 to my weekly 2-hour appearances on WE F.M radio station dishing out strategies every Monday to small business owners.

To my 1minute videos on Instagram.

Why do I do this?

So it’s not because I am a saint or martyr.

Far from it.

I think both the good Lord and my wife knows I’m no saint… but they love me all the same. Only difference is that one forgives and forgets. The other forgives and remembers for training purposes😊

But I do so because I believe it’s still far more useful to teach the crowd how to catch fish. Than to complain that the masses have no fish to eat.

It’s my Love Strategy.

A way of giving back. Some may call it corporate social responsibility.

But you don’t even have to be a corporation like @GTBank or a big church like @COZAGlobal to have one.

Often times, I’m in various cities conducting workshops and training programs for corporations, and whenever I stay at hotels, you’ll often find the bell-hops, security personnel and waiters requesting gratuitously for tips. .

So I give them change and I offer them useful tips on how to become more valuable and earn extra money where they are. Before you know it, we have a training for the entire hotel management.

I believe, people who earn want an increase in income must provide a commensurate increase in value.

And anyone can provide value, if they choose to.

It just requires a little bit of imagination and hard work.

Money is made by providing value. Love is the ultimate value. Give and you shall receive in spades.

Give strategically and don’t be shy to share your good deeds.

Your business can’t make it to Heaven but it can lead your brand to delightfully heavenly marketing opportunities and customer goodwill.

What’s your love strategy?

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