What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

An argument for better thinking and reframing out thoughts

The world we live in is built on stories. Stories that define our experience of this thing called life.


Man created its gods and worshipped them.


It created its rules and followed them.


It created its games and the heroes.


Occupations and hobbies and studied them.


We depend on these stories to give our lives meaning.


Some people tell themselves a great story of their lives and unconsciously proceed to strive diligently to live out these stories in their head and into reality.


Others tell themselves disempowering stories and continuously sabotage themselves unconsciously in some areas of their lives.


The trick is to having your conscious mind uncover what story you’re unconsciously telling yourself and your subconscious has long believed and subscribed to.


Does it empower or disempower you in reality?


And whose story are you trying to fit into really?


Yours? Your mum? Your pastor? Or the society?


You can resolve almost any emotional or mental problems if and when we think for ourselves.


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