What’s In Your DNA?

The human DNA is well suited for human biological data storage as a carrier of genetic information. A person’s DNA remains pretty much the same from their date of birth till death and is unique to only that individual.

In the past 5 years, I have successfully coached others on finding their “onlyness”, to discover that special combination of their values, virtues, vices and volition in order to figure out what their vocation should be and what value they can create and offer to the market, it is essential to discover their brand DNA. In this sense we uncover their Defined Natural Ability (DNA).

When coaching my clients, I usually start by exploring what they are uniquely suited for and qualified to be termed an “expert” in. Then together, we take it a step further by giving them concrete steps to not only discover their DNA but seek on new techniques, technology and tools to develop their skills.

The last step after developing your skills through training and coaching is to take action in reproducing your value and distributing it. The human DNA is self-replicating material, with power to carry biological information from one generation to the next. In the same way, finding your purpose and exploring it will ensure that your Defined Natural Ability is passed from one generation to the next, and one person to another.

We are all capable of becoming that which we dream about if only we decide to get past just wishing and start doing. I’ve transcended beyond my initial fears of becoming an entrepreneur in the last 5 years alone, I have been able to publish a magazine- Abuja Shelter- www.abujashelter.com, I’ve also owned a night club- Buddah Lounge, written a book- Make Your Life a Blockbuster, hosted over 50 successful seminars and workshops with the biggest corporations in Nigeria, facilitated exciting huge real estate development projects and helped several people start their own business.

So is there a difference between me and you?


The difference is in my DNA!. I thoroughly enjoy doing all these activities and adding value and making millions by doing this, while you might enjoy doing something entirely different.

Does it make me any better than you?


Once you discover your DNA, develop it and distribute your service offerings to the market, you immediately start reaching to that peak of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs where you are actualizing your full potential and maximizing the quality of your life.

So who can do this?


Read my book- Make Your Life a Blockbuster, and answer the questions at the end of the chapters. If the feedback and testimonials I’ve received in the last one year since I published the book is anything to go by, you too will soon find the sweet spot where you are uniquely positioned and prepared to offer great value to the marketplace. An e-copy oof the book is available for subscribers to this blog.

If you’re interested in a private coaching class or group training on this subject matter, just call me on: 08064393711 or simply email hello@jeanpaulconsult.com. For more information on our 2015 training courses designed to make you soar higher, visit www.jeanpaulconsult.com. ‎

Make Your Life a Blockbuster!

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