What’s Your Mission Statement

Commit to Something

One of the major pitfalls a self-employed professional or entrepreneur will ever face is caused by being too quickly distracted from one shiny new thing to the next.

Whether its the new multi-level marketing gig, a new cryptocurrency or some other new fad.

Then they wonder why their entire team can’t/don’t/won’t share the same enthusiasm and passion like they have when tasked with marketing and selling this new idea/product/service/initiative/scheme.

But mehn it’s hard.

Like I mean…. it’s incredibly hard to get your employees (especially Nigerians) motivated to make money for YOU.

There has got to be some other nobler purpose for showing up to work.

Bottomline whatever you decide to do, make sure its something that you and your team can dedicate your whole time and energy to in-season or out-of-season.

Commit entirely to something.

Aim to not just be the best in your town but to become the standard measure in your industry. Have a mission that drives you and your entire team to focus maniacally on how to solve.

That way you quickly set yourself apart from the others in the global market place.

On a personal note, my mission statement is to use my speaking, analytical, teaching and writing abilities to empower develop, motivate, impact and inspire hope and emotional healing for men and women of all tribes and races to become self-actualized.

This will be the value and impact that I would make on Earth.

So help me God.

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