What’s Your Noble Goal?

Most times we hear stories of success recorded by our friends, neighbours, former classmates, siblings or even rivals in a particular area of endeavour. We then conclude that just because they succeeded in that field implies then that you too can do same.

Sadly that’s not always true. We are not all the same. Each of us have different gifts, talents, inclinations, personality types, experiences and Defined Natural Ability (DNA) and these differences however subtle they may be affects our emotions¬† and ultimately outcomes or performance.

One of the major pitfalls a hustler or entrepreneur will ever face is caused by being too quickly distracted from one shiny new thing to the next. Whether it’s the new multi-level marketing gig or some new fad.

Bottomline whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s something that you can dedicate your whole time and energy to in-season or out-of-season. Commit entirely to something.

Will you ever pay money to watch an amateur sing on stage karaoke style?

Will you travel to the Rio Olympics just to watch a bunch of amateurs compete in a game of tennis? Me neither.

Aim to not just be the best in your town but to become the standard measure in your industry.

That way you quickly set yourself apart from the others in the global market place.

Questions to ponder:

1. What are you committed to becoming the best in?

2. What’s stopping you from achieving this?

3. Have you ever been distracted from pursuing your true passion and purpose?

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