What’s Your Super Power?

Discovering Your Defined Natural Ability

A lot of people lead lives of quiet desperation, jumping from one new business prospect to the next hot MLM scheme.

They keep seeking for breakthroughs and success that’s out there… Without doing the required work of discovering and developing their own Defined Natural Ability (DNA) and super-power.

It can be quite painful to watch. A bit like watching Spiderman get bullied around before he discovered the full extent of his abilities.

So if you really want to stand out, you have got to figure out what your super power is and build your business around it.

Simple as that.

Flying upandan or having an invisible cloak is truly optional.

Not sure what your super power is?

Two questions to ask yourself:

1. What thing(s) do your friends, family, volunteer organizations that you’re involved with, etc. always look to you for first?

2. What thing(s) do other people seem to struggle with that to you, seems ridiculously obvious or easy?

Use those answers to discover what unique abilities and super-power you bring to every encounter. And develop a business around it.

For me, it’s helping entrepreneurs with their brand positioning and marketing.

If you need help as a business owner, freelancer or entrepreneur on this, clarity and outstanding results is just a coaching session away.

Hit reply to this email like every smart business owner does this when looking for a unique selling proposition to make them stand out in a maddening crowded market.

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