What’s Your Excuse?

“I didn’t go to gym all weekend because I was too damn tired”

“I don’t dance anymore because of the kids – there’s no time”

“I’m not as rich as my brothers because I dropped out of school”

“I don’t have a blog yet because my writing isn’t perfect yet”

These are all perfectly fine excuses – if you choose to believe them. But that’s all they are EXCUSES. And when mixed with emotions, then they even become limiting beliefs.

Successful people don’t have excuses, instead they find REASONS. Good reasons to be successful. So they succeed in spite of the fact that at any given time, they too could easily give a dozen good excuses, but instead they found a reason to excel and stuck with it.

So what’s your excuse? Drop it

Find enough reasons to be successful at what you do. Write them down on paper, stick it on a wall, and remind yourself daily why you started at should never give up. Go on…. Make Your Life a Blockbuster

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