What’s Your State of Mind?

Happiness is a state of mind. Success is also largely a state of mind. Wealth too.

People desire these states because they bring pleasure to us. Our brains through thousand of years of evolution has categorized the motives behind our every thought, word and action towards what would give us pleasure and what would bring pain.

Of course we do most things mostly subconsciously, largely due to force of habit. Nonetheless we’re each seeking pleasurable states and that largely is dependent on our state of mind.

Our state of mind is determined by our focus. What we choose to internally represent an external event to imply. We give events meaning depending on our individual focus, internal interpretation and perspective.

If you choose to look at your bank balance or the money in your wallet and it isn’t very much, you can choose to be either unhappy, fearful, discontent or frustrated.

Another person in exactly the same financial situation can choose to look at her family and friends which she has, the quality of her health and love in her life, the free wif, downloadble great music, good roads, incredible technologies, software and apps designed to make her quest for financial, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing so much easier to attain. And they can feel wealthy.

Of course when you feel wealthy, it’s easier to attract riches. You think in abundance so you become more generous, less fearful, you expect more so you give far more than expected, you take risks because you believe in yourself more especially when you feel happy, you believe in luck. You become a success and attract even more success.

But that’s all dependent on your state of mind. If you choose to pollute your mind with negative talk, bad news, junk news, gossip, trash talk, porn and all sorts, then don’t expect to be or feel any better. Garbage in garbage out, okay? So guard the gates of your mind, see no evil, hear less evil (it’s hard to avoid on CNN), speak no evil and you will do no evil. It can vastly improve your state of mind and raise the quality of life.

My state of mind is golden.

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