What’s Your Story? Emotions vs. Logic

Somewhere in the intersection between what you do and how you do it, is why you do it. That’s your onlyness – it’s what makes you special. Your secret sauce.

This is the part we want to know. Unfortunately most self-employed professionals, marketers, evangelists, job candidates and anyone involved in the selling process (we all make a living by selling something) do not realize this and so they don’t even bother to talk about it.

It is the missing link.

Most organizations and salesmen will talk about WHAT services or products they offer on their brochure, website, blog or the lips of their sales personnel. They will also go further to give a description in a long narrative of HOW they deliver these services. But very few speak on WHY they do it.

That’s where the magic is.

When you discover WHY you do whatever it is that you do and can weave it into your sales pitch, you increase your chances of being truly heard by the customer who always appreciates a good story and is an emotional being attempting to make a logical decision. Emotions eat logic for breakfast each and every time. So make that connection. ‎

So here’s how this works.

Salesperson A: “Sir, we would love your school to give us the opportunity to train your students on Entrepreneurial Skills. We intend to do this over a 3 week period on weekends when your kids are less busy. The selected students would no doubt find it beneficial and highly rewarding in the nearest future, I guarantee that. Our processes are time-tested, Harvard recommended syllabus with scientific backing and a story-telling based approach with students can easily learn from. What’s more, our prices are affordable and can be broken down into a structured means of payment.”

Compare this with:

Salesperson B:Sir, because we both realize that there are few jobs out there, we would appreciate if you would grant us the opportunity to train your students on the art of Entrepreneurship. We do these programs because we believe that a student with clear goals on his future will out-perform and succeed far better than those with vague ideas of what career prospects they have after high school. More importantly sir, my late father grounded me on the principles of Purpose Discovery, Development and Distribution and made me promise to teach others. This has made all the difference not only in my life but also in the lives of hundreds of students over the past years. That’s WHY I do what I’m here for sir”.

Which appeals to you more?

The WHAT and HOW deals with the logical side of the brain- which some would say is the left. The WHY deals with the right-side of the brain, which some would argue is the heart.

The heart makes a quicker decision in split seconds and leaves the brain to rationalize on it afterwards. So appeal to the heart when marketing or selling. Develop your story with emotions not just logic. ‎

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