When in Doubt

Doubt is insidious. It creeps in. You know its there but you’re not sure what it is. Its a nasty emotion to live with.

Makes you unsure and act funny. Over react or under react. But never a clear guided logical decision. Doubt and fear are like best friends. They go together.

A doubt of a potential business opportunity never inspired anyone to perform their best. A doubt in a relationship, never inspired any couple to strive for excellence in their duties.

Doubt cripples us and makes us fearful. We either lash out or we withdraw, depending on how we respond to stimuli.

The way to master doubt is to reaffirm aloud positive words to yourself until it penetrates your subconcious mind and becomes a part of your mental state and being. Write it, read it aloud, repeat it over and over. Master your doubts. Warm Regards,

Ebuka Anichebe J.P

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