Where Did All Our Customers Go?

When kids are 2-7 years old, they get all excited each time you walk through the front door. They rush to greet you and are beaming with smiles as they scream, “Daddyyyyyy! Daddy!! Daddy!!!” just before they hug you and offload their tiny hearts of love all over you. You feel loved.

As they get older and into their teenage years, their enthusiasm seems to wear off. They’re no longer as delighted to see you. If anything, its hard to even notice you’re back home. Some times they even go hide in their rooms.
It turns out sometimes businesses act like teenagers as well. When we start off, we are excited by our very first customers. We go the extra-mile to please them and make them happy. But as the business grow, we get habituated or used to getting customers and we’re no longer as excited to see them. If anything sometimes it seems that they are just another neccesary evil to deal with just to get a cheque. So we start processing them as quickly as we can. We do the least we can, take a cheque, issue a receipt and like the teller in your bank, we scream, “Next customer please”.
Our relationships become more transactional than relational and then one day we wonder, “Errr….. where did all our customers go?”. ‎Different faces

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