Where did all the Youth Leaders Go?

It’s funny how people can have self-loathing and simply hate themselves due to the colour of their skin. So some ladies use bleaching cream to lighten their skin tone. This trend didn’t just start in the 90’s, it has always been there.

During the slave trade era in the United States, blacks who had a lighter skin tone perhaps due to a mixed parental heritage such as having a black mother and white biological father, which was common due to the widespread rape of black slave women by their white masters; these half-castes were given preferential treatment over their darker brothers and sisters. They were allowed to serve as butlers and cooks in the houses of their masters, while the darker ones tended to the fields.

The narrative has always been about how the whites were more superior than blacks. When you grow up hearing only this narrative, it’s hard not to feel somewhat inferior.

It’s not like we’re racist or anything like that. We just like white Barbie dolls, we also like goods manufactured in the West, we happen to read more books written by Caucasian white males and watch more Hollywood movies as well as use a white man’s language as our official language.

A similar narrative is currently happening in our country Nigeria. Due to our culture and tradition of respecting the elders, most young people have been made to imagine that politics and governance belongs to the ruling elite which are mostly old men who should be retired and seating on a farm reading newspapers. But this isn’t the case, our leaders would have us believe that the solution to corruption, no electricity, bad roads, unemployment lies in the hands of the same people who under their watch the country deteriorated.

If you repeat a lie often enough and loud enough, soon people will come to believe it. The politicians would want us to believe that politics is a dirty game and an expensive one at that. But must this always be the case? Can’t the youths find people to represent them? Can’t the youths of this nation have their own political party and wrestle power from the hands of these greedy old men?

Where is the anger and rage we should be feeling as a result of the bad governance and deplorable state of affairs of the nation? Leadership isn’t a function of age, rather it is about standing up and taking affirmative action when others are still glued to their seats.

Where did all the youth leaders go?

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2 thoughts on “Where did all the Youth Leaders Go?

  1. The youths have simply become tools in the hands of this old crop of elites, they have sold their souls, liberty and freewill to this same old crop, they have rendered themselves useless and have merely become vegetables. NANS is dead, youths who have certain form of interest have been blinded by entertainment and shit. Ebuka, Nigerian Youths need some form of cronic reorientation. I tell you, if they don’t wake up from this slumber, the dire future of our country is as good as dead.