Who Are the Real Witches of Nigeria?

A curious case of mistaken identity


The way we direct our attention towards witchcraft baffles me! To say that Nigeria is a deeply religious country is an understatement. We are both religious as well as superstitious.

Oh how I wish that our dear prayer warriors, spiritual directors, imams, priests, pastors & preachers both online and offline focus more attention on Christians and Muslims who are in government and how they discharge their duties.

Are they upholding & discharging their functions with kindness & truthfulness?

Let our spiritual leaders guide our political leaders & caution them if they are going astray because they are the physical witches & wizards. Speak truth to power, you already have the microphone and their voters are your ardent audience!

How else can you explain how someone ate money meant for the hospitals, good roads & light?? Is that not worse than a witch pressing just one person at night??

Constituency allowance for projects in our local government area is being swallowed by some “Christian” senators, House of Representatives members & House of Assembly members. Is that not worse than one wizard swallowing someone’s destiny?? Answer na!!

And yet we are here arguing on UNN witches & wizards conference funny people 😄😄😄

As for me, the witches & wizards I know are the men & ladies representing my constituency at the local, state & federal levels. My governor, commissioners, local government chairmen, councillors and co.

They are the wizards & witches that are inflicting serious/significant pains on us.

When next you see a pothole, an uncompleted abandoned project or a dilapidated hospital or public school make no mistake, a witch with a government I.D card likely caused that.

Or don’t you agree?

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