Who Are You Walking With?

Now everyone who’s met me can attest to the fact that I walk in great strides. Something I picked up after staying in England for while without a car, a bicycle or a skateboard. People in London seem to permanently be in a hurry to get to the tube, a bus or a pub. So I picked up that habit.

On Sundays, I go to church (sometimes) with my family. Now we’re almost always late, something to do with women and makeup, you know the rest…. By the time we get to the church, we’re need to park a mile away from the front gate. So in order to catch up, I double-down on my speed-walk (to at least show Jesus that I care and it wasn’t my fault) and so I inadvertently leave my poor wife in her heels behind, yet somehow my 3year old son manages to keep up the pace though. But when I look back, and see her straddling along, several yards behind, so I kinda freeze out of guilt like Lot’s wife and wait for her to catch up.


A wise man once said, when you take a walk with someone, something happens, you adjust to their pace or they adjust to yours. Whose pace are you adjusting to?

In our daily life, this scenario plays out very often, we find ourselves ‎walking instead of running. Why? Because most of the people in our life at some point decided to walk through life at a very slow pace. Now if these people happen to be the same group you decide to spend a majority of your time with, it won’t be long before you adjust your pace to theirs. At that point life isn’t a marathon anymore but on long-ass walk.

I guess it’s far easier to convince a running man to slow down and take a walk than it is to convince a man on a stroll to break into a sprint (unless there’s an angry rabid dog on his heels).Be yourself

So detoxify your life. Remove toxic, energy-draining people who insist you should walk when you’re raring to go on a sprint, especially in your youthful days. Run with people who want to run, as opposed to having someone hanging around your neck asking you to slow down.

The motivational speaker, Les Brown, said in one of his great speeches, that you must ask yourself, “What is this relationship doing to you?” You can outgrow people, especially when you’re dedicated to personal development. And when you’re no longer on the same pace that they are on, then sometimes envy starts to creep in, and they start to suspect that you think you’re better than them. Not really. You’re just out-learning them.

Realize today that you can relegate people. Not everyone must play the co-star in your life throughout the movie. One of the reasons I love the series- Game of Thrones, is that you never know who’s going to be killed off in the next episode or which relationship will turn sour. Such is life, ‎you must develop what the Asians describe as “Thick Face. Black heart” in dealing with life ruthlessly. A thick face to bear the insults, mockery and derisive laughter that comes with daring to be different and making a difference. The black heart that is gotten by becoming obstinate about your goals, and becoming willing to “do whatever is legally necessary” to attain your desires.

Life is a journey and you’re only going to get ahead to the places you want to, if you’re willing to run with a pack who also want to run, than be yoked by a bunch who would rather take a walk.

You decide.


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2 thoughts on “Who Are You Walking With?

  1. Thanks JP- I really needed this motivation. It came just in d nick of time to-(as Warri will put it) ginger my ginger. Yea we all at some point in life need a Thick Face n a Black heart.