Who Do Me Dis Tin?

Shifting from the Christmas palaver and group-madness

See eh me sef no wan shout. I’m not in a good mood.

But if as December 1st land, you begin dey hyperventilate plus hyperactive unto say Christmas don land….

Slap yourself twice!!

If you dey find sharp deal wey you fit take use go shopping with moni wey you no use eye take see from January to November 30th!

On top say you nor even get am plenty to express yourself, still on still, you wan come impress pipo wey no send you from January to December…

I use God take beg you, abeg no carry bad habit come near my side.

Auntie I NO get money to loan. My pikin school fees dey due dis January.

Some of una world pipo, don start to dey send everybodi wey dey your contact list, ten ten Happy New Month messages each! Abeg save your data and credit.

See a lot of the times, people get distracted by other people’s results.

Even when those were never your goals in the first place!

So a friend gets a speaking gig in London and for some reason you start feeling like a failure.

Ask yourself, “Who did this to me?”

Some other friend buys a new BMW as he returns from South Africa this Christmas, you start feeling sorry for yourself.

Again ask yourself, “Who do me dis tin?”

Someone other friend gets married, you start hyperventilating about how most guys married or not are useless after all.

Again, “Na who do me did tin?”

After you really dig deep, you may find that nobody is worrying you, you are your own worst enemy.

Say this prayer slowly: “Create in me a clean heart oh Lord”.

Go and sin no more.

Christmas will come and go. Stay focused on your goals.

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