Women Arise

Unleashing the power of female entrepreneurs

Over the last 3 days, I’ve had the pleasure of training over 100 gorgeous and super-smart women in (Abuja, Lagos Mainland and Lagos Island) looking to raise their game to even higher heights on Marketing Strategy and Psychology of Writing a Great Proposal.

Big shout out to all the members of Poize Network!

It was both enlightening, entertaining and educational for the ladies who attended.

And if you’re still wondering how a training program could be all 3 things at the same time; well its just another reason why you should have me speaking at your next strategy session, corporate event or training. Because getting women to agree on one thing is quite hard. And over 100 ladies can’t be wrong… 😎

Thinking of training your team? Call us. Because we know how to communicate complex ideas and insights in really easy and fun ways.

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