Words Matter

Positive Psychology

How dare you talk to yourself the way you sometimes tend to do?

How dare you do you that?

Going around trash-talking yourself and downplaying on your talents and skills?

If a friend said the same hurtful words you sometimes hurl at yourself, how long will you remain friends?

You quickly forget your past achievements and blot out the more interesting aspects of your life.

You choose only to replay the hurtful moments over and over and over again. Like replaying the scene from the Titanic movie where Jack died and skipping every other part until you’re just soaked in your tears.

Wait, are you a psychopath?

I only ask because words matter.

Your words can escalate or descalate a situation.

Words create and shape legacy.

Words give life or take life.

Words are created from what has gone into your mind and what you believe.

Take care about what goes into your mind. You come finally to believe anything you tell yourself often enough even if it is not true!

So be a psychopath! But be damn sure its for telling yourself superlative words like: “I am the greatest!” or “I can do all things through Christ” or “I believe I can fly” or “I am the best you ever had”.

Believe in yourself.

If you repeat something over and over to yourself, your subconscious mind will eventually begin to accept it as fact. When something has been accepted as truth by your subconscious mind, it will work overtime to transform the idea into physical reality. You can take advantage of this by programming your mind to think positive thoughts.

Use self-motivators or affirmations to persuade your subconscious that you are capable of doing anything you wish. Repeat the self-motivator several times a day until it becomes an automatic reaction to recall a positive phrase whenever you begin to doubt yourself. Replace I cant with I will!

Never underestimate the importance of integrity – in everyarea of your life.

If you believe that words matter. You must believe that integrity is essential.

We are now full participants in the game of life and our opponent is our man-made rules, misaligned value system, limited thinking and imaginary boundaries.

Wake up and smell the roses. Your life may suck momentarily but it’s not over. The only time you’re a loser is when you die or quit and sit by the sidelines. But until then the jury is still out and the verdict is undecided.

So first decide to be gentle on yourself. Be forgiving of your past and give yourself a chance at redemption. Yes, you may have had a rough past, made some poor judgement calls and burnt some bridges. But it’s never too late to make a U-turn if you find yourself speeding down the wrong road.

Then choose to be hard on yourself when it comes to attaining your set goals. Refuse to be beaten into submission by the naysayers, devil advocates or talk about a recession.

Keep a gratitude diary of all the things you are thankful of (health, family, friends, cheap internet, technology etc) surround yourself with A-class performers and finally be a ruthless dictator when it comes to executing your ideas.


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