You Don’t Always Need a Mentor!

Most times you just need a coach.

My dear people of God, it seems to me like the mantra for many young people in 2019 is “Please mentor me”. Is this like a general mission statement that a G.O of a major church gave instructions on?

Please have you guys noticed it?

I mean people just throw around the request around in your d.m like they are just pasing by and saying “How far?”

An aspiring makeup artist will slide into your dm and be asking me, “Sir, please mentor me!” 😏

Sister, you should be talking to Tara Durotoye not to me! There is difference between a mentor and a coach!

And mentorship requires major investment of time, emotional labour and a careful thought process of putting yourself in your mentees shoes and not assuming they can perform like you. It’s a huge sacrifice to simplify and then pour out your wisdom, time and experience into someone else.

Sometimes most folks don’t need a mentor, what they need is a coach… One to guide, train and teach you on the skill-set and mindset required to grow your hustle.

So stop spamming people upandan looking for a mentor.

First do the work required, read up their educational content, subscribe to their blogs, show up in their comment section frequently, buy their products (books, audio tapes etc). Study to show thyself approved!

And then maybe just maybe, they will be see the fire in you and be moved to develop a stronger relationship with you as a mentee.

Otherwise just get a goddamn coach with visible results and hire him to train you and hold you accountable to higher standards!

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